Sunday, January 01, 2006

[ 01012006 9.41am byebye 2005 ]

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this has gotta be the most unglam picture of year 2005.


anyway, 2005 has been interesting, esp the last month or so of compies. first time getting so far in a compie... egames, with a good team. getting trashed first thing this morning in the new year by sacrilege, various other online matches, intra-clan rEv0 tourney and lan outings, or outings which were not supposed to be lan outings, but became lan outings. *lol*

results were passable, pulled my CAP up a tad bit.

regrets? none really... egames compie, perhaps.

resolutions? to live a happier life, its all about the mindset!

as i feel at the end of every year / start of a new one, time passes too quickly. its so scary. after a while, they just seem to get gobbled up and disappear, or appear in white hairs.

which is why i'm gonna dye my hair black!


been in the mood for a long quiet walk... the urge to contemplate and stroll is... overwhelming me once again... on another note, while most ppl are dreading going back to school, i'm not really that unhappy about it. staying in hostel does have its perks. including a cheaper cab fare from town!

also, another compie coming up on the 14th jan. some nus dota compie. which i will be entering with aZ. better start my training back up soon...

but i miss my mouse too much... i'm super mouse-sick. i'm counting the days til i next see it...


oo... and by yuna's request, the most laughed at pic of 2005 is

ice digging his gosu nose. lol?

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