Friday, January 13, 2006

[ 13012006 6.16am omgosh! ]

i dunno wats up with my sleeping times. last night i slept at 11. woke at 5. ok, thats like... not very strange, until you know that i've been tawning all night and sleeping from like 10am to 7pm.

on a happier note, my mouse is ready for collection! for those that i havent grumbled to, my razer diamondback plasma died on me! during egames compie... but somehow revived for a few more days before expiring totally. sent it to the hq to get fixed and i've been waiting anxiously for news. they like finally called me yesterday to go pick it up! I MISS MY MOUSE SO MUCH!!!!!!! i miss it so much that i havent been wanting to play lan or games at home. i mean... wats an intellimouse explorer on a barracuda, comapred to a razer on a steelpad...

but. they couldnt fix it or something... so they are like... giving me a new one... =(


nus compie postponed to the 13-15 feb. hmm. good. maybe now i'll actually feel like training cos my mouse is up!


i'm back in hall, to shit connections which keep dcing me from bnet and jerky LC games. oh well. u cant have everything right?
missing my desktop... and broadband...


its been a freezing week. a frowny week. a confusing week. a week of tawning and walks. a week of school. SOME school, at least...
i'm out of contact with some ppl, who i should go and look for and catch up with.
theory "emotions are limited. u use them up in one aspect, and u have none for others." applicable when emotions are needed by different situations, concurrently.

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