Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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So. I went to the borders sale at suntec recently and farmed up $100 worth of books. That adds up to quite a few books, seeing as each cost from $2-$10. And I only had about... 3-5 $10 books.
The first one I read was called "Love and other natural disasters" and it documents a couples' journey through an emotional infidelity.
So. Assuming I had a bf, and this bf cheats on me, which would I find harder to accept - a one night stand, or a prolonged correspondence with some bitch where he shares his life and emotions with her.
Admittedly, if either happened, its end of story for me. After I rearrange his features and turn his appendages into bloody stumps, of course.
But if I HAD to pick one, I'd rather he had a one night stand.
At least that's something I can excuse a lapse in self control - its purely physical, with no emotions attached to it (hopefully).
Emotional infidelity is a lot more personal, its about sharing lives feelings thoughts... Things which should be OUR private domain.
Like, why are you able to tell her this, but you can't tell me?
That said, I believe both signal inherent problems in the relationship.
And both parties are liable.
It is hardly ever the sole fault of one side.
(Inclined to say, NEVER, actually.)
Pretty enlightening read actually.
I could think of quite a few people I'd like to introduce the book to.

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