Friday, November 05, 2010

Is thought-full the same as thoughtful? I'm not sure how its spelt but that's how I feel. Full of thoughts.
I'm glad I'm not locked out tonight. That alone makes my day. Cos it does suck to have to spend the night somewhere not confortable and the wrong temperature.
Anyhow. No whining about that.
I make my own choices.
This seems to be the keyphrase of my life now.
And I gotta remember that everyone does make their own choices - it is their right to. But its also my right to react however I want to towards the choices that other people make.
I realise I'm in a more powerful position than I think I am. But with great power, comes great responsibility!
-enter the cheese-
Inclined to do a you post.
Ok I think I will.
You are so stupid but I know nothing will make you see the light except yourself. So I'll save my effort.
You like to make yourself out to be all that, but in fact, and I'm totally not shy to say this, you're no better than any of them.
What makes you think you're more deserving... Huh?
I'm so sorry... I seldom feel such deep remorse... But I do think I wronged you this time.
I much prefer you in the way I think of you, as compared to how you really are. Talk about delusional.
I have not changed my mind about you. Not one bit.
Anything that might be special in me, is YOU!
You're falling into the trap... Into the rut.
If only I could do what I want to do for you.
You're holding me there...
I hope you find your answer. We're all searching.
I've been locked inside this hoUse, while you hold the key...
You. [Insert sigh]

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