Friday, August 19, 2011

the monumental week in the history of eSports

This week, with today as the midpoint, is probably one of the most eventful, ever, in eSports.
with Gamescom going on in Germany, and e-stars in Seoul, we viewers are spoilt for choice.

IEM has one of the best streams going on - especially if you have a HD pass like I do (thanks to Julian Ho) 
for more information on how to watch the IEM LoL stream, check out Counter Logi Gaming's post :

DOTA2's stream isn't very consistent, and the match times change frequently too, but we're all following it because of the sheer awesomeness of the prize pool (1.6Million USD) and cos its release has been so mega hyped.

estars Seoul is probably the least high profile of them all, but it features international teams competing in cs 1.6. 

Add these extra event streams on to the usual GOM Tv (Code S is still ongoing!),,, livestream casts/streams/VODs of your favourite personalities and gamers, and you've got yourself a full program from the time you wake to the time you sleep.


thought of the day : teaching british colleague how to swear in hokkien is very fun.

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