Saturday, August 13, 2011


ok, so i know i've been really silent for quite a while.
and i guess i'm gonna give the same old excuse that i was busy and uninspired.

quite a few interesting things have happened in this past month or so that i've been mia -
one of them being that i've gotten myself a nice computer.
its the first time in years that i have a desktop, my alienware has been serving me faithfully since 2008, and before that i was on my toshiba through university.

the specs are *almost* to die for - i just wished i had an ssd and another 560 TI gfx card.

here's a peep. =x

with this new com, comes loads of possibilities... like streaming games. especially when i'm on fibre optics 200mbps plan!
and this is actually an interesting concept to me - livestreaming.
i should have seen that this was the way to go, a natural progression in the social media lifecycle i guess.
and its quite motivating to play with people watching - because you know that people are watching, you can't slip up, you have to perform.
i might actually think about casting, in some way.
hmm... october... mineski... lol. (all preliminary plans, but *hint hint*)

DOTA2 is going to make its debut, and i can't say i agree with all the marketing that valve has done so far. but after talking to a certain person, i've come to see why they do what they do.
but it doesnt mean i'm not angry about certain things, and not disappointed about other things.
in the end, its their money to spend however they want, to whomever they feel is deserving.

and we've been running a week long photoshoot release of our shoot pictures, i think i've been anticipating each release more than our readers have been. i've been holding back the urge to just splash everything out and let everyone see it.
but its finally come to an end, with me as the last individual pic.
(note: last INDIVIDUAL pic... which means.... we have something interesting coming up. interesting to me/us, at least!)
you can take a look at it here .

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