Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Step UP.

there's been great furor and uproar in the Singapore community, and i have to say that it can be attributed to Phirkan and PMS Asterisk.
and of course, the golden team
i think the amount of feedback has been stunning, and the support shows that there is a community out there who feels so strongly about this.
which takes me to my next concern.
someone, some organisation, something. needs to step up, and lead all this energy.
without a guiding hand, the energy will either fizzle out, or explode into chaos.
there might be lots of different viewpoints, but in the end, we just want to succeed in what we love doing, and we want everyone to understand why we do it.
this is where i end off with, "this is just my 2cents worth", but i feel that what i've said is worth much more than that.

i know everything is in lower case, i'm typing in blogger, and it doesnt have auto caps. and i want to type it all out quickly, in case i forget anything.

another quick note, people who keep telling us/me to "stop trying to ask the government to do something and do it yourself" simply don't get it, cos we ARE doing it ourselves, whilst waiting for the right opportunities to petition for support publicly.

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