Tuesday, April 23, 2013

LG Optimus G Review - 3 Software Features I Love


 This function allows you to power up or down the cores, depending on what you're doing.
I like to keep this on eco mode, which means that the phone automatically controls the cores.
This also helps with the battery life, since I'm not running on high performance mode all the time.

Quad Core control can be accessed through system settings > device > quad core control
Alternatively, you can just pull down the menu and toggle the Eco mode on or off.
This is an innovative feature which allows you to scribble on the screen.
you can access it by simultaneously pressing the middle of the volume up and volume down buttons on the top left and the screen lock button. After scribbling on the screen, you can choose to save your doodle, or screenshot it.
Other than being useful when you have no pen and paper and need to jot something down (like perhaps when you're in a call and need to record a phone number) you can also have fun scribbling on photos. Sadly, I'm not very artistic, so I'm not going to dare to post any screenshots of drawings I did.

if you find the shortcut key too difficult to press, there's always the Quick Memo toggle on and off button in the pull down menu
This is how the QuickMemo menu looks like, and there's my horrible pink scrawl across the screen.

This function is my favourite of all, and it's convenient for everything, not just self shots. I like to use it to take shots from weird angles (ie, some crevice inside my CPU when I can't aim my finger on the shutter button)
However, it does mean that your cheeky friends can randomly shout one of these words to make the shutter snap!
The voice detection is surprisingly good too!
The rear camera is a nice 13 megapixels btw...

the selection of words you can say to set off the shutter. I use "Cheese" the most...

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