Monday, December 01, 2003

[ 01122003 10.40pm | tiring. ]

ok. i've been a semi-coma all day... its not fun anymore. had a rehearsal for my sister's wedding. it was raining! haha... oh well. after it, i smelt of muffin cos i was hugging him all day. muffin's a cocker spaniel, in case that previous sentence sounded ridiculous. to clarify further, muffin's the page boy. thats why he was around all day. a very naughty and excitable page boy he is too...
the church youths came down to rehearse too, singing for them see. all had dinner at seng's house. it was real fun... felt like it was back in church camp 2002... the talking and watever. =)
LOTR on the 23rd. morning. after which, they [ note: they, not us. ] will be going carolling. something i havent participated in for years... cos i just dont have the gift of song.

had a minor panic attack today. my sister cant get married til the 23rd!
because they didnt go and sign some form which you have to sign 21 days before the wedding. according to sam, its for people to object. you know... the "speak now, or forever hold your peace" part?
so... they will be rushig to ROM to try to get approval. or they will be going on their honeymoon together without being legally married. hurhur.
but well, as long as they have the approval of God and they are married in the eyes of the church, everything should be fine. which is an interesting issue to discuss. cos, my parents weren't married in a church. they only went to ROM. so, technically, they didn't marry before God. hence, they have been living in sin all these years? mum clarified saying that the ROM guy is kinda like a pastor... so... well.

what is marriage... is it the emotional bonding of 2 people? the declaration that 2 persons are allowed to live together? the sanctification of sex? the passport to a hdb flat? is marriage a spiritual union as well as a physical one and emotional one? why do people want to marry? although its nice to be ogled at once in a while by the passing male, what matters more is that there is someone who will still love you when you're old and wrinkled.
don't even get me started on what love is. if you find the answer, feel free to tell me. although i doubt you will find it in your entire life.
how about soulmates? do you feel that there is this one person out there, who will make you complete, someone who is the other half of all the things you lack, someone who will complement you, someone you can share your innermost feelings with? listen to depeche mode - somebody if you don't get my idea of a soulmate.
do you marry your soulmate, or does your partner gradually become your soulmate? not clear enough?
is a soulmate just there, for you to find, to look for... or is a soulmate cultivated?

in the first place, do you have to love your soulmate?

am i too sleepy to put my screwed up thoughts logically?? maybe.

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