Saturday, December 06, 2003

[ 06122003 1.51am | thats enough...enough. ]

love, actually. catch it. i guarantee your heart will break. or at least melt.

"to me, you are perfect. and my wasted heart... will love you."
"worse than the total agony of being in love?"
"Would you stay, knowing that life would be a bit worse? or would you cut and run?"

killer quotes eh? but i think it'll mean more to you after you've watched it.
if you watch the show, watch out for:
- juliet and mark
- auriela and jamie
- sarah and her designer.

loved those three stories, in that order. beautiful.
juliet and mark - the classic story of unrequited love, of being torn between your best friend and the one you love.
auriela and jamie - have the same wavelength, but have a language barrier. beautiful the way the director put it across
sarah and her designer - its just so sweet that she realises her true love is her brother... btw, the designers real interesting looking.
was a little grosed out by the kid... and joanna. its so warped. and she taller than him. but anyway, i just think its so not right.

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