Thursday, December 04, 2003

[ 04122003 3.36am | post-chaos ]

wow. its really been a day. and a night. my sister is presently mrs... how big a deal is that. other than making me feel really really much much older, its a new phase in all our lives.
anyway, my day started really early. cos they got this nice guy called alvin to do our make up for us. he's good... really pro. and the best thing is, its all self taught. well, since theres only one make up artist, and 6 gals who need make up done, and we have to be in church by 3+ 4, hence, i had to wake up at 9 am just to do my make up. -_- after that i just went back to my bed and slept. and ruined my hair. so i had to do it all over again. well, anyway, the day was spent running up and down, trying to get everything sorted and prepared so the bride wouldnt be stressed. its a day where everyone except the bride is stressed. no matter what, the day has to be perfect for her kinda thing. =)

well... we, the receptionists, were late, cos there were so many last minute things to be done at home. by the time we got to the chapel, most of the guestsm had arrived... so... well. great.
then, they started scattering flowers down the aisle... out of a cold storage plastic bag. so glam hor.
but well, i think the service went well. the weather was great, praise the Lord... and the sermon and everything was short and to the point. and cos it was a small affair, and everyone knew everyone, you know... the kinda thing where you pratically grew up with each other... so... it was really personal and stuff... like... ppl could crack jokes and the whole chapel would laugh together.

well. disaster strikes when the choir left without helping clear up...
but i'm too tired to go into that now... shall continue tomolo... or rather, when i have time tomolo post-clearing the aftermath of a home spun wedding...

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