Monday, December 15, 2003

[ 15122003 10.49pm | below.freezing ]

"everything lies about my room, in exactly the same way you left it when you were last here. the hurriedly taken off shirt, lying motionless in the corner upon a pair of familiar black shorts; the clumsily hung garments on a hanger, still bearing the lingering scent of you. even without seeing, i know your shoes sit patiently on my shoeshelf downstairs; your fresh change heaped hastily on top of mine in my wardrobe.
all remain, expecting your return, beckoning.
the various toiletries - a toothbrush here, a can of spray there, the odd jar of hair wax - strewn across my table like a giant hand dropped it from high above, leaving them to come to rest where they chose.
'your presence still lingers here / and it wont leave me alone'
memories we share. places made significant by certain incidents. a gift proclaiming our names. withered flowers standing lonesomely in containers. the guitar sitting silently without your warm embrace...
i pause from my typing and look up, only to have my eyes rest upon the place you used to stretch out on... you on one elbow, staring adoringly over at me as i type obliviously...
all that has a beginning, has an end - life, songs, happiness, a storm. you and i. even so,

you've left a thumbprint on my heart."

i am so meant to be a depressed artist.
went back to rj to play floorball today. nonsense man! i ate way too much lunch, in too great a hurry. how to run?? so i just walked around hitting whatever came to my blade. oh well. tiring fun man.
thanks to sir who organized it, who picked my up from home, who sent us to town, who paid for our dinner, who trashed us in pool. haha...
was pretty much dead tired - slept at like...430 and had to wake at 8+ for tuition. so i zaoed off home earlier than normal, dozing on the bus.
tomorrow's gonna be another long day, with my cousin jioing me out for lotr two towers extended version - not sure if i am going though - and training in the evening.

can someone tell me why i have this strange urge to watch something bleed profusely?

POI (point of information) : almond skins are POIsonous. toxic stuff. so remove them when you eat almonds.

shen's craving for baileys has left me ransacking my sister's room in search of some leftover alcohol from her wedding... give me drink!

anyway, "off i go then!"
hope sir has a good rest.

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