Thursday, February 16, 2006

[ 16022006 4.28am why? ]

why am i awake again at this time, despite numerous resolutions to sleep early and be a guai-kia? because i slept from 7pm to 11pm earlier today. or rather, late yesterday.
other than wanting to rant about v-day being an evil day, i wanna make some noise about the nus engin compie. =.=

the dota game was... unbelievable.
they had first pick. so do the alternating thing urself.
halfway through the game, the sniper was like, err... can we pause game... is there some kind of bug? since the start until now, no creeps have spawned for chen.

they won us in the end. 'nuff said. dun want to talk about it anymore.
as for cs, which we played today, we got 2nd and were supposed to walk away with an uninterrupted power supply thingy... but we all wanted the everglide keyboard... so we did some under the table swopping. first prize, was the untouchable razer diamondback plamsa, which i already have... its my darling...
the cs match was a FARCE. there were only THREE teams, cos the 4th pulled out. the team that pulled out, contained monalisa.rEv0, my dota clanmate... of 3rd place egames fame in TTK. that same team came in tops for the dota compie.
one of the 3 cs teams were indian, one pro, and one... us. so, we got pwned by the pro team, as badly as we pwned the indian team, to cut things short.

i love my gals team, we are the Chao Ah Lianz! but yeah, as sher was saying in her blog... we're kinda stressed out abt things... =.= lets just say the start is always the most difficult... yup.
but we all love each other many many much much... and hopefully that will see our team through!

past few weeks... months have been great... just been reflecting on it... my parents are calling me a delinquent for being out late DAILY, going out EVERYDAY and playing games NON STOP. but somehow, other than chide me and stuff... they havent really been imposing any scary sanctions on me...
its just been really great hanging out with the kaldorei bunch... its like they are always there... and like... they give me the all are one feeling. lol... dunno how to put it, just that, what one knows, all will know, and its fine that everyone knows. everyone just gets along happily with everyone and stuff, and u can throw us in any kind of combination and we'll still have lots of fun and laughs. friends + dota = ownage.

last comment... VALENTINES DAY IS EVIL.

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