Friday, February 24, 2006

[ 24022006 3.10am life. ]

life is more than dota. and one thing i like about going out with the dota bunch, is that we dont really talk about dota outside the lanshop. we only digress to dota when we're out in extended bunches, and post game.

contrary to what a few people have been thinking, i'm actually a little tired of the game. if some other affordable game comes along, i might very well just game-hop. what is keeping me there, is my team, and the fact that i've stepped into the competitive scene, with them.

i mean, i do get the urge to try out a new hero, or play a certain hero in public games... but more often than not, i end up getting frustrated and not bothering to play properly. i realise that the only time i actually like playing nowadays, is when i'm in game with someone and we super team all the way, or when i'm in a match. the game as it is, isnt enough to keep me there anymore... i think.

been forced to think about this issue for certain reasons... which some of you know. but i wont elaborate on why.


tonight was super fun. CaLz met up to talk and train. sher shan and jas made it, but dawn didnt. by some weird stroke of luck, i spotted jy with mantou and gang and we promptly hijacked her to fu house for a drink. after which, she stood in for dawn in our games.
i thought the day was gonna turn out bad cos it started with a misunderstanding... but things turned out fine. =) love u gals many many!

i'm feeling.. rather torn. we've been having offers... for sponsorship and stuff, but we are just not good enough. our selling point, is that we are GIRLS. it IS embarrassing to suck, yet be well known. i could think of easily 20 other clans that are better than my team, but they arent getting offers because they are guys. =.=

i was just thinking today... i'm permanently being called a noob, and i know i'm noob, so thats fine and stuff. but when i start calling myself a noob infront of the ppl who call me noob, i get scolded, and told to have more confidence and stuff. =.= total pwnage.


and by the way,


wed night was a super interesting night for me too. Kaixiang went to pick shen and dong up from shen's cos they were watching tv there, and kx was playing tennis nearby. they swung by pgp to grab me out for supper and a chat. it was a hilarious night... i cant really remember what we all said, cos i was super tired after waking up early for social work visit in the morning. but it was super funny all the same... i'll remember to heart xiang in court when he becomes chief justice or something next time. LOL.


the group dynamics of a group who know each other well, individually, and a group where some people know one or two other people well only... are very different... just a thought... which might not make sense.

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