Wednesday, February 08, 2006

[ 29012006 1.58pm i wish my gf gamed too... *continued* ]

here's what inspired this post. an interview of 3 female gamers at ohgenki forums done by dawn. if the pic looks familiar, its cos its the same one that i gave dotasg to use -_-

ok here goes : -

stereotype : gaming guys would die for a gf who games too. because gfs are normally like "i wanna go shopping spree" when the guy is like trying to killing spree. i mean, i can understand this viewpoint, being an obsessive gamer myself. hours spent in front of the com fly by like nothing at all. Whereas time spent AWAY from the com actually... HURTS. ok, for those non-gamers who have no idea how this feels, being away from the computer is like... not having your handphone with you when you are out. Its like you're missing an arm or leg or something. (ok i should stop the ToFuBoi slang thing now and type in proper english.) gfs in general, don't like people, things, activities etc which tear their beloved away from them. (I think?) hence, a gf who shares the same interest as her bf… is an asset?

REALITY! after speaking to a bunch of gaming guys about this, I have discovered that many actually do NOT want a gf who games. As yj said, I’d rather spend my time with her doing something physical. Don’t think funny, please. He meant, in real life, rather than in the virtual world. At least, that’s what he CLARIFIED after I gave him a strange look. Boring also added that a gf who games would just mean that another aspect of his life would include gaming. Something which, actually, a surprising number of seriously competitive gaming males DREAD. I mean, it IS enough that your friends always drag you down to lan, your team has regular trainings, especially during compie season, and that you kill time at home by playing a game or two. Why would a seriously competitive gaming guy want even his love life to revolve around gaming?

A not so into-gaming guy might find a gf who games fun. It would be a nice change now and then to be able to take a break from the usual movie and dinner and go lan-ning instead. Provided the gal herself isn’t a crazy gamer (like me).

And what do the girls thing? I can’t profess to speak for all gaming gals. But I’d classify myself as quite an obsessed gamer who would go competitive if only she had the standard to do so. -_-

So. Anyway, from my viewpoint, a guy who games as my bf… is almost a must. Because, in my opinion, only a guy gamer can understand why I don’t pick up his calls, reply msn msgs, sms back etc when I’m in a game. Only a guy gamer (most likely, a SERIOUS guy gamer) would bother to keep me company while I lan, watch me as I train and wait for me during matches. Stuff like that. Either a serious guy gamer, or someone totally blind and crazy… or absolutely bored… would bother.

But in the end, there are other factors which are more important when looking for your other half. In the end, gaming… might be something one grows out of, so all this talk is pointless. (“Might”, because I haven’t. YET.) It’s the same thing as wishing she/he shared your interest/hobby. Yeah? Yeah.

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