Sunday, February 19, 2006

[ 19022006 8.31pm bruised- ]

the boring (not yongcheng) post of accounting past events : -

at my sister's place now blogging with an MOE laptop. my brother in law's a teacher at tjc see... anyway, had a super groggy 2 days cos of screwed up sleeping, as usual.

been lanning alot with the bunch at egames-hq. thomas is like... next outing, no more lan pls... BUT i think we, in other words, i, need alot more training... dot.

v-day was interesting. the bunch of us went to hang out at esplanade where shan received a whole florist, which made me very jealous indeed! cos, shan is MINE! i cannot share her with anyone!
anyway, we were talking about why v-day is evil, and laughing at the guys who got conned into buying flowers from the roadside peddlers. its like... couples MUST flaunt their couplehood identity on that day. its so.. passe (oops did i spell that right...) . such a money making scheme. >insert disgusted face<
after esplanade, jy arrived and we trotted off to lau pa sat, which didnt sell sugar cane, or coconut. zz. on the way, i met my sister's friend shaun, as well as weiming's sister.
and of course, as with any other outing with the bunch, no outing is complete without a visit to a lan shop. so we all trotted off to prinsep once again.

i've been lanning so very very much... everyday includes at least one visit to the lan shop. which is why i wanna stay home this mid term break... to use my computer at home! and gosu connection!

our latest outing was a trip to marina south (yes... MS AGAIN!@#!@#) for zhen fa steam-bbq, arcade, and pool. these pathetic little ppl had to borrow my id to book pool table =.= underage... and never bring ic out one!@#!@# NOOBS!
after which, we travelled in various ways to hq. my way, was a 2-3 hr walk from marina with lux, shan, cloud (who took a cab home halfway), eter and ice. hq and egames closed at 3, so we trotted back to peninsula plaza and checked out irc lanshop, where non member charge per hour was $4. LOL ? anyway, it was full, and sweltering. there were guys sporting ah-gong's (tattoos!) playing without their shirts on. it felt like ms stea-bbq all over again =.=
after some hopeful hanging around, we graduated to the 1st floor 7-11 and had a cup noodle party and chat til dawn + first bus + no midnight fare cab. then we dispersed.


another e2max compie is coming up... and i'm in a dilemma. i would really like to take part with my gals... my chao ah lianz... but i know we dont have the standard to even jio friendly matches yet. ice has pulled me into his team with lux. where i'm definitely gonna be the weak link. i'm only useful for my NUS matriculation card! (cos to register for this event, u needa have at least one nus student in the team) plus, lux has decided to ps the team which asked him first. have me in team = lose. oh noes! and then... who else we gonna pull in to fill the last 2 spaces... =.=
troubled. but i decided to just leave it to ice. and lux. i dun wanna think. but i gotta discuss things with my CaLz first... ROAR.
THREE more weeks to COMPETITION SEASON. just a while ago, it was egames compie, and i was like... oh man, no more compies to train for. now, its on the brink of gxl, rng online league?, another egames compie i think, and e2max... and all kinds of things! and i'm NOT PREPARED!@#!@#!@ i need to stay at home and play MORE!!!!


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