Friday, April 28, 2006

[ 28042006 3.31am FINALLY. ]

blogger is finally working... omgosh... i have been wanting to write since... two weeks ago? one and a half? exams really make me wanna write more i have no idea why.
anyhow, heres what happened in the past... dunno how many days

- mVp cut hair outing! lol
- capl at e2max
- LAN session yesterday post soci of food paper + SUPER HEADACHE and unexpected bump into YOUAN.
- recent many studying sessions with paul, keith + co. and GIMMIE!!

k thats the rough... outline of my life since my last blog.

i'm aching for some good training sessions with my gals... its been WAY TOO LONG. (oh man, wassup with all my caps recently...)
been re-reading old entries... where did i find all that energy to be so creative...

considering trips overseas with shen...

i'm going crazy... i levelled twice in o2jam today... lvl 24-26. theres something... really good abt banging at your keyboard when you're full of pent up frustration and stress...

i never thought i could make good friends through gaming... somehow i've never really succeeded in making any that i've actually kept in close contct with... joel perhaps? but yeah... i dun think i could do without my present dota bunch...
lol this was a dp done for one of the little (stalker) flies on my web - my angel! O=)
just think that the little photo insert is gosu... TOOT NO. 1 FTW!

and this is my hair now. hurhur... black and blue... i match my mouse and mousepad, as well as my everglide keyboard. the next person who calls me an AH LIAN is gonna have some round things plucked out... there is a HUGE difference between LIAN and GOTH. and i am GOTH.

i love this shot... its us 3 rEv0s who have the rEv0 jersey... in a row... in the same position... with our nicks showing on our sleeves... TaC* FTW! egames compie dec 2005...
me! kiao kar-ing! my trademark position V^^

long long ago... gals showcase match at WCG 2005... september 11th. lol... sunday.
me, my teh, my old 6230i, my omni and i.

transcript of screenshot taken by ice ***

mVp)ice.on- : -.-
mVp)Dej3cted- : lol
mVp)ice.on- : OO
You whisper to your friends : OOOO
furryfish.rEv0 : hello?
mVp)ice.on- : hi
You whisper to your friends : MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT WITH FURRY FISH
You whisper to your friends : IC
mVp)Dej3cted- whispers : omg exposed
You whisper to your friends : K GG
You whisper to your friends : SCREEN SHOTED

its just funny in its own way... =)
think this was taken in... i have no idea when... but i remember the day. october perhaps? november? i can't remember... rofl...

E2Max new year's eve compie... me in my rEv0 jersey again and a super grumpy face i dunno y... dawn's bro on my right (oops i mean my left...), my bro ajax on my left (eek i mean my right!! i'm directionally spastic i think)... with tofu hiding behind him and cloud watching open mouthed at my gosu noobness next to tofu. eter behind my head with cz close behind him. crea in his super formal striped long sleeved shirt and gosu hair sitting with some unknown guy.
this compie... met hengky's team first round. lol or... played with dej, dawn, dawn's bro, and dawn's bro's fren.
interesting night it was... was wtfing when rEv0 first team met mVp, i mean... who do i support man... all friends!

hei se hui! 黑色会!! all of us in black that day dunno why... and lux happily whipped out the phone while i was eating and being blur... check out my gosu hair and expression man... T.T candid shots for you i guess.
reminds me of the many days that the bunch of us went out to the paradiz foodcourt prior / post lan...

i am furryfish.

mehh~* bracket 3 many many!!

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