Friday, September 19, 2008

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i found a sweet chinese song... lol... one of the rare ones which are't emo/depressed
this is what happens when u take taxi in the morning.
you are forced to listen to the uncle's radio...







i dont know about you, but i enjoy reading msn today. the little square window that pops up when you login to msn.

Can Men and Women be friends?
i have quite a bit to say about this. but i believe i've said it before, on this very same website. so i won't bore everyone and myself with a lengthy repetition.
to cut the story short, its not possible, unless/until
1) the like factor has been dealt with (ie, you're through liking the other person and thinking that something might happen. and this is probably inevitable with every guy.)
2) the guy is totally gross. in which case you wouldnt want him to be a friend either.

and i've always stood by this - your ex can never be your friend. (refer to the last line in the article)

He Wants You Back

this is just funny and cute. and dumb.

hope this encourages you all to take a look at your msn today window the next time!!!
(no i dont earn anything or benefit from promoting this...)


this is like some kind of RETRIBUTION!!! lolol....... in a damn weird way.


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