Sunday, September 28, 2008

[ 28092008 1.12am | sniff* ]

nose is stuck.
i'm damn unhappy. (with my nose)


i feel like i have a hangover. (its the weird sleeping hours, i say) and perhaps its not far off from the truth.
i'm hungover from life. from my past.


i'm in love. with a ficticious character. LOL.
read twilight. perhaps he's a little stereotyped... but well... so far he sounds good. HAHA.


i've reached the state of exhaustion... where, although you're damn tired, you just can't sleep.
perhaps my exhaustion is physical only... with my mind not letting me rest.
many screwed up thoughts have been going through my head... maybe cos i'm reading fantasy novels. GG


i have decided to do my copyrighted you you you post. huayan just copied me. ROAR.

YOU are a continued pain in my ass. if you continue to hurt my ass i'm going to BITE yours off.
i have some... really tender feelings for you. tender sounds so edible.
you are cool!!!! muahahahahaha...
you're kinda irritating now... growing to be perhaps. whats with the attitude?
i like you, and the you you have!! haha...
you are just tired out, and you know that you know it, but you're still pushing yourself? for? maybe you need to use some discernment and wisdom. as in USE, not just KNOW.
you. are not there. just. not. there.
starting to have a burning hate for something that you do.
you're not what i expected. am i happy?
you... make me sad. so do you.

k enough. i have alot more tho. but i want to continue my book. and i think i have fa xie enough already.

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