Friday, January 02, 2009

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not feeling very optimistic about the new year. but oh well. so what about the new year? do you really think that time divides itself into years and months? what really delineates a year other than what we see on our calendars.
its just a convenient method of keeping track, the most convenient aspect of it being that its almost universal. currently, at least.
of course. you will have the irritating scientists and geographers (like me) telling you all about the solar and lunar cycles and how it takes xxx days to complete one rotation etcetc.
but it still comes back to the same thing. there's no real difference to distinguish one year from the next, one month from another.


internet is screwy. which pisses me off. for every 2 hrs i play, i spend 1 hr getting the connection back up.


this year, or these next 365 days, there are things i intend to do, and things i intend to accomplish, and things i would like to focus on.
1) is to be nicer
2) is to be punctual.
3) is to do something about my career
4) is to pick up something new. and i dont mean a new game.
5) is to visit a country i haven't been to yet.

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