Saturday, January 03, 2009

[ 03012009 4.21am | weeeeeeee ]

had a wonderful day today.
my long meeting was cancelled, 12pm-6pm kind of long, and we spontaneously met up for steamboat at bugis, with excellent attendance. just missing *some princess*.
after a week of pretty hard core wow-ing, i had some good dota games with everyone's favourite chihuahua. good meaning cheerful, laugh like siao kinda games.
she's weak, so she went to sleep, and i went back to wow. i spent an hour searching for Faldir's cove in Arathi, which got me really tired. i was, however, brought by an alliance town and we had a good 5 minutes or so of pking town guards who were shouting weird languages (no doubt abuses) at us.
looking back.
i've realised some things, and i question others.
staying true to yourself, only applies in certain situations. a large proportion of our lives is spent doing things because you have to, or because you need to please someone.
being able to answer to yourself, is about as lame as a child declaring he's gonna play on the highway cos no one loves him.
i wish all of you happiness. true happiness. the kind of happiness that doesnt compromise other people's.
i've been able to accept so much more than i thought i could... its good training for the heart i guess.
and man... accepting is so different from plain shutting out. accepting is... not a log going with the flow, but a mangrove... standing firm against the tide, yet modified to suit the environment.
i feel... nice.
yay. 1) is done already, 3 days into the year.
then again, this is just how i would like you to see me as.
alot of actions are thought and feelings which are manifested. keep that in mind.
and i surprisingly manage to pick up alot of signals, sometimes without consciously knowing how.
so... there is something to be said about the female 6th sense.
bryan the crystal ball.
HAHAHHA.!! damn i forgot to ask him dawn...

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