Sunday, January 18, 2009

[ 5.44am 18012009 | post.dream.reflection ]

i had a dream. and i believe its connected to these certain thoughts :-
"you promised to love me for as long as we live. as far as i know, you're not dead yet, and neither am i."
it amazes me how easily one can change their hearts.
at first i wanted to say how easily -guys- change their hearts. but then, i decided to self reflect, and i think its not a gender thing.
i can see why it is stereotyped as a gender thing though.
the guy normally professes to love you through and through forever and ever, for always, the only one, will never forget you... all that crap.
and then, you find that they've found someone else a week later.
i mean, yeah, you do take all those professions of love with a large pinch of salt in the first place, but, if you know... that its not POSSIBLE and that it will not be, then... temper your words.
or am i too jaded?
it is, afterall, morally wrong to expect a guy to emotionally castrate himself for the rest of his life, isnt it?


so much for the random thoughts.
today is a happyfishieday! even though its a tiredfishieday too.

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