Wednesday, March 18, 2009

[ 18032009 2.31am | why i am not sleeping ]

because i have a very unhappy stomach.
because i'm headachey
because i woke at around 3pm after a painful sleepless night.


i've got so many thoughts.
lmao... don't i always?
am reading marley and me, which is an excellent book, for anyone who has kept a dog, or a pet.
it makes me think of my first dog... the experiences aren't that far off, except for the really outrageous ones.
i can't express myself as well as i do through writing, in any other way. not that i think my command of the language is THAT good, but i think i'm a kinetic learner/thinker.
it suits me well, because i can edit what i want to say.

a full circle
pathetic fish in pain. and feeling very warm and headachey.

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