Monday, March 30, 2009

[ 30032009 3.54pm | daddyyyy ]

i have a quick minute to talk about how much i appreciate my dad.
i got back one day to find my overflowing dustbin cleared. i presume it was my dad because he does most of the cleaning around the house.
today as i was rushing out of the house, he ran after me with a container of cut fruit. the lid wasn't closed properly, or maybe i was just being the extremely rough self that i am, so all the fruit fell out into my bag. i picked them all out on my bus trip and put them back into the container. then i washed them out when i reached the office and ate it up. all 20pcs. he even included a toothpick. =D
he takes my laundry in on mondays when the sun isnt hot enough on sunday to dry it up. my mum does it too, but she grumbles about it. =x
and i remember... when i was sick and in the half dreamland kind of rest, he appeared at my bedside to check on me... and i was irrationally shocked out my sleep... he quickly bent over and hugged me til i calmed down. and i was... 20+ already.
not to say that i dont appreciate my mum, i definitely do, for her daily diligence and her care, which she shows in her own way.
i guess i'm just feeling happy about the fruit this morning.

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