Wednesday, March 11, 2009

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i've been thinking about yet another issue. How flighty i am... I havent even wrapped up my gaming scene entry and here i am launching another rocket into the outer space of contemplation.

K, just trying to sound funky there without actually making much sense.

So, lets get down to business.
Yes, i literally mean businesses and how they are run.
In keeping with my organised, thesis like writing style which i typically use when i'm trying to sound neutral when talking about an issue i do not exactly feel neutrally about, but want to sound like i AM neutral about...
Here's the background:
Production of goods, and to some extent, services, has moved from the fordist model of 'just in case' to the 'just in time'.For those not so familiar with economic geog terms (which i myself might use wrongly cos im quite out of touch, having graduated 3 years ago!!!), this means that instead of mass producing goods, in seriously enormous quantities, just in case there is a demand for them, we now produce in efficient quantities which supply the demand just in time.
Of course there are many reasons and phenomena which make this possible - improved telecommunications, reduced transportation costs, more efficient transportation, better political relations etcetc, but thats the overview of changing production methods.

Ok Miss Long Winded is done with the intro.Here's the issue. Due to this improved efficiency, this speedy response on a macro scale, a generation of impatient youngsters has emerged. Not just that, a generation which believes in OTOT ( i definitely dont mean overtime... Its own time own target) as long as i get my work done, as long as i ace my exams/why do you bother what time i get to work/if i turn up for school.
I dont mean to say that they are lazy and skivving, on the contrary, they might actually be very driven individuals who might work all night, sleep til noon before working til 6am again. Its just that they do not follow the 'norm' as perscribed by earlier generations of the workforce. As such, they are misunderstood, to a large extent, and envied - by those of similar mindsets but whom are unable to follow and break out of the mould.

That said, there's a certain amount of discipline in waking up early daily and sleeping early so that you can wake up early the next day. It helps you master yourself in a way that few things can. And, there are, unfortunately many reasons why the workforce should have their worktime fixed. Good reasons, may i add.
1) actually being able to draw a line between work time and private time.
2) having everyone together at the same time so that all the communication and work can be done at the same time, enabline 1) to occur.

i dunno.
i guess that being one of these new generation youngsters is ... cool, if you're a boss, but sucky if you're a subordinate. especially if its to someone who believes in old fashioned discipline.

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