Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'm a little tired of hearing old news, repeated news, stale news, and irritating news. so yeah... if i reply a little too unenthusiastically, i'm sorry. i'll do better. (if i'm not in a pls fk off mood)
if you pm me in real life, and i'm not busy or afk, and in the right mood, i might grace you with a "hihi". so try your luck.
otherwise, have fun talking to the wall.

i shall now proceed to bore you all with an account of my weekend.
on friday, i woke early, at 7+ to go offshore fishing. i'm kinda lazy to upload the pics of the fish i got (again), but suffice it to say that i did pretty ok for myself.
i got back to shore and home around 6, and gutted the 3 fish i brough back. we split our catch at the end of the day.
so... after the 2kg or so (my estimation is a little out of whack these few days but i think its about there) garoupa (its bigger than raisin, my chihuahua), gutting the 2 300g or so snappers were a breeze. when i stuck my thumb in their mouths to anchor them for me to skin/gut them i was like oooo... their mouth so soft....
a garoupa, btw, has a very thorny throat. the inside of their gills are awesomely painful to grab, its like... longer and sharper cats teeth, in rows and rows all the way down its throat.
the 2 smaller softer fish were amusing. they had prawns in their gut. in various stages of being digested.
SO all fishy and stuff, i went to bathe and prep for my friend RUTH's birthday. quarter of a century!!
we had a great meal of truffle fries (*loveee) at HOUSE @ dempsey and i caught a cab home after being dropped off somewhere in amk.
i reached home, very very shacked only to discover (cue the stereotypically horror movie music now) that i forgot to bring my keys out.
so... i spent my night in the car in the garage.
after ransacking the laundry basket and backseat for sleep clothes.
thank God there was the pillow that my sis bought for my dad in the car too, or i might have suffocated myself due to a twisted trachea from sleeping in weird neck-achey positions.
i ran into the house in the morning when my dad came out to feed the dogs and had (cue the same music again)
a fantastic pee.
then i went to sleep.
and then i went to training.
and after training i went with dawn and her colleagues on an eating spree.
macpherson kuay chap, then udders cafe icecream.
ta icecream ftw.
thennnnnnnnnn home and collapse.


i realise that some people might enjoy my boring monologue, for those that didnt, too bad. i didnt ask u you read.

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