Sunday, May 31, 2009

[ 9.35am/635pm canada 31052009 | day2 ]

its a happy morning as asterisk* + friends wins their round of the garena-clan 8888 and procedes to top 4. against XtC dota. both rounds of which i watched. =D
it proceeds to become a sleepy day as the clock nears 3am SG time. for those who know my sleeping habits well enough, they would know that 3am is when i get really really sleepy... 3 am and 6pm. 3am is 12pm here in vancouver, btw.
so i've been struggling to keep one foot infront of the next as we went from metrocity to grainville (i don';t even know if i got the names right... i'm too sleepy to verify them). i was perked up by a gosu clear view of feathery birdy ass - this enormous sea gull decided to perch on the roof above me - and my first sighting of a bald eagle. IN ACTION. my dad got some good pics with his pro camera.
but. i'm sleepy. so we're going to rest before we go to robson for some... korean food?
(i'm gonna MEGA MISS internet when i get on the cruise. TT" )
((i'm too lazy to upload pics... maybe later after dinner.... zzz))

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