Monday, May 25, 2009

currently known as Garena, those who know the "lan emulator" by the former name are the old skool users. Zion/battlelan/yawle was always favoured for local games, and cross causeway games were almost unheard of, or really laggy.
In the earlier days of GGC, locals only logged in to play international matches... like mym pride... and of course friendlies like the famous coL (complexity) vs Mi2 game.
I'm not too sure why i'm suddenly talking about this, pure inspiration i guess.
i'm quite proud to say that i've levelled on my account with a white name, all the way until i was given a blue/red name in october last year. nowadays, it's impossible to get into the hot favourite rooms without goldmember, and half of everyone's exp is gained by paying $.
and even though my inspiration has run out, i'm still not sure what made me type this post...
maybe pure derision at some comment i saw in a channel the other day about how a certain room was so and so "before your time".
NOT that i'm the authority on GGC, i'm just speaking from the standpoint of a gamer from an earlier skool.

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