Monday, May 18, 2009

this seems to be a month (or 2) of travelling.

the places i go to seem to suddenly discover a case of H1N1 a day or 2 after i arrive.

first was thailand.

then it was KL.

9 hours in the car makes me emo. because i mass listen to ipod emo songs.

i think the ipod shuffle function is a little screwed. or maybe i just have alot of duplicates of the same song in different playlists or something. no idea how it works. but i kept listening to the same songs.

GROAN i cant believe i spent half my weekend on the road to and from KL.
ok MAYBE i can, because my shoulder is MEGA achey from strange sleeping positions in the backseat of the car.
and i'm kinda brain dead now and not processing whatever i'm writing...
its amazing how close we are by blood, but how far apart we are emotionally.
i guess i am to blame. in many ways.
my cousins make it feel like a crime to be single. LOL. those around my age have at least 2 kids zooming around them. and they make it look so NATURAL.
maybe i need a simpler way of life. and a simpler way of thinking.

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