Wednesday, May 06, 2009

At terminal 2 right now whiling away the time I have before my flight at 630am.
Yes, I know its a little early... But I decided to come here to slack so that I don't have to wake myself up, prepare, and struggle out, find a cab and rush to the airport at like... 4am or something.
It matters because my sleep time is around 3 or 4, and I get very very very sleepy around that time simply because my body is accustomed to going to sleep at that time.
So I'm going to thailand - bangkok... Haven't been there in a year. Going with a different group this time.
Just dropped dome an msn, he's the best wc3 player in thailand and the host of estc 2008. And he remembers me! He immediately invited me to play dota with his friends when we get there, and proceeded to bomb me with 4 or 5 of their handphone numbers. He ended the conversation with a menacing "we all waiting for you. please remember all numbers."
Lol!! You gotta love thai hospitality.
Anyhow... All this protesting in thailand and h1n1 has led me to think (once again) about my mortality... I'll never know (now at least) if I will ever come back... Come back the same person?
Negative thoughts are not meant to be thought about before a flight... But oh well. Just an inexplicable sense of foreboding?
Nah. Don't worry (if you are at all). Just a momentary dark thought. I'm on holidayyyyyyyyyyy~

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