Thursday, October 21, 2010

[ 21102010 6.03pm | tired.canigiveup? ]

i feel like i'm running in an endless race, and i want to just stop running cos its just so tiring. but i can't because if i do everything will change, i'll never know if i could ever finish the race, if indeed, there is ever an end to it.
just running and running.
maybe thats why i like to run on a track. because i have the end in sight.
i'm so tired... but its just me and the path, and i'm not willing to give in and say i'm weak. i'm not willing to fail, i want to finish this race.
what happens if i reach the end... and realise the end is just the start of another long race.

damn it. i feel so tired just thinking about all this.
and i want to go swimming later. or jogging. or something.
rhythm and exertion : the best cure for an unsettled mind.

i think i'll be going through a patch of writing. whether i publish it or not. writing is good. even though i'm hardly inspired and not talented.

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