Wednesday, October 27, 2010

[ 27102010 6.00pm | it doesnt matter ]

this is my keyphrase of the day. its gonna help me remember that it really doesnt matter.
its gonna remind me that i just need to remove myself emotionally and eventually become numb.
i hope i don't lose all semblance of self and become a non sentient creature. i was already a very unemotional person to begin with.

this week and this quarter is crazy. its slightly more than 2 months to the new year. 2011... is gonna be really interesting and i'm looking forward to it... in more aspects than one, it will change my life. not that a year really makes much of a difference, cos its just socially demarcated measurements of time. and its not like something like that can really change things... its more of how people use this progression of time and social concepts of time to make changes within and around themselves.

i need to post something more personal and more affected, rather than random concepts and neutral discussions.

slowly, ok?

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