Sunday, October 24, 2010

[ 24102010 11.10pm | whine. ]

i've been thinking about this certain person lately. someone i don't particularly want to think about cos this person, lets call it G, reminds me of a time in my life when i was really troubled and rather unhappy. G also was someone who directly added to my unhappiness.
its unfortunate that i've been forced to think about G again, because... i don't really want to... curiosity killed the cat. cat, being me, right now. it does matter to me that the people closest to me do not think of G in the same way as i do... but my opinion is just my opinion, and my choices are just my choices. as much as i'd like to impose my point of view on those around me, i won't. or at least, i'll try not to. and just remain silent, rather than pass snide comments.

i've also been thinking about H alot too. H is to a certain extent, someone who has qualities i admire. then again, don't most people have certain qualities that are worth admiring? anyhow... H is someone i admire. someone i don't necessarily respect... someone i don't necessarily trust. but admire anyway. admiration. what does it consist of? jealousy, love... insecurity.

J is another pain in the ass. when you have a person who has a strong mind, as strong as yourself, how do you reconcile that, when you fall into conflict? J is such a person to me.


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