Monday, October 25, 2010

This feels vaguely familiar...
"This" being the insomnia and emo music.
Ok. Its not vague at all. Lol.
Lyrics seem to jump out of songs and hit me with realisations, emotions and memories.
I wish I could take time off and immerse myself in games for a while. I need some kind of escape and distraction.
Enter the 'addiction' argument.
If only I could really be addicted to something better... Like computer games.
I am suddenly thinking of jc and uni with an unfamiliar sense of... Wistful-ness. It might be because that was probably the only time in my life when I was really happy.
Well... Not that I was happy throughout... But I was at my happiest then. I wouldn't ever say I was ever a simple person, but I guess I was less complicated.
I have to live my dreams. Nothing and no one can hold me back, except myself. But... What are my dreams.
I'm falling into the trap of stagnation and living in the past.
Break free!
2009 was a year of travelling.
2010 seems to be a year of winning. More, at least.
2011 shall be the year I send my life for an overhaul.
Nice. I'm making 2011 resolutions in oct 2010.
Silverchair is singing me to sleep slowly.
Diorama is soothing.
have an awful night, filled with nightmares and mosquitoes. With no love, your exceedingly unhappy fish.

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