Monday, May 21, 2007

[ 21052007 3.05pm oops ]

i meant to post the below post at the stated time... however the internet at the shop kinda... messed a little. so i was unable to post. good thing i saved the post in microsoft word format... or it'd be ALL GONE! lol.

[ 16052007 4.12 pm ARGHHHH!!! ]

ok. tammy seldom whines. but tammy shall whine now, because her shop's ice cream storage machine has decided not to freeze ice creams. which means that all the ice creams have melted. albeit not so bad that they have become liquid, but melted enough to be un-servable.
so thank God for ann at the ice cream gallery who takes the ice cream back to keep for her.
in the meanwhile, the temp frost guy says i have to defrost my freezer cos all the ice on the sides is affecting the performance.
so tammy has frozen fingers cos she has been cleaning off ice from the sides of the freezer.
and, something keeps shorting the shop, apparently its the coffee machine giving trouble, so the shop has no coffee machine.
and the metal counter top is full of electricity or static or something. so tammy keeps getting shocked when she touches it.


ok i'm through with whining.
i was so depressed yesterday because of that... sigh...
it actually squeaked when it got stuck...
heart pain when i remember it.
i really love this mouse to bits.
still remember how painful it was when i sent it in for 2 very long weeks of repair... the separation was... agonizing.


i've been seeing faces from the past... its like, i think i see a certain someone, then when i look properly, i realise it isnt him/her. i've really been seeing things... its... strange... cos i get a jolt when i see the familiar face... then i almost call out to the person... but its a good thing i dont.
maybe i just miss certain aspects of my past.
all you students out there think that studying is such a chore and such a huge pain. when you start working, you'll realise that life is full of responsibilities and bills to pay, and student loans which never seem to get a dent in them.
as a student, all you have to do is stick out your hand and ask for allowance, get your parents to write an excuse letter when you dont feel like going to school, and do well enough so that you dont get any complaints, behave reasonably well so that you dont get white slips and detention.
its pretty carefree.
not that i'm wishing i could study again...
i just miss school oh so very much.
the life, the people, how things were so different then.
i just... felt more vibrant, more alive, more a part of other people's lives, more involved,
more... fulfilled.

i miss RJC. so much that it hurts.
i'll always remember strolling down passageways
training after school
boring lessons and lectures
copying notes
passing messages
studying in the canteen
sweat running down my skin as i pad along on the track... past the flowering trees near the railway... on my 15th round as i clear my mind jogging...
floorball and violence in the gym
shen's and my shared locker
LT 2.5
catching fish in the pond with the malay stall's colander
picking locks for fun
night camping sessions
climbing through/over the main gate
early mornings on the mrt with clorets and weiming

i wish those times never had to end.
i thought that i'd get over it eventually, but there's something in my blood that always yearns...
its been 5 years. i'm officially a J7.


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