Monday, June 29, 2009

[ 090629 11.29pm | angryfish* ]

for some very strange irritaing reason, even blogger has decided to turn against me today.
i just need to assert. that.
take a GOOD look.
i'm not your penknife when you can't find a pencil sharperner.
i'm not a can of cheap beer when you're looking for a hard liquor.
and i am, most assuredly, NOT your left hand when you cannot find a girl to bring home at night.
pardon my CHOICE OF WORDS. but i think it makes my POINT very clear.
you have the ability to cut me quite deeply, but just make sure you've got a first aid kit ready when i decide to stab you.
ok that was good. maybe it wasnt me typing.
i am, once again, a purple fish.
was looking through some COMMENTS which i missed out
"you should be glad that your guy is not improving himself and neglecting his grooming etc, that shows that he is not after some other girls.BE GRATEFUL FOR THAT.
3:13 AM"

yaya. okay, then go find a caveman who is content with food and sex - both provided by you - for the rest of your lives.

eXo said...
deep. deeeeeep.... were you REALLY blogging about a christmas list? lol 6eXo9
8:40 PM

quite obviously not... most of it is ficticious but the mood fit the moment.


i should be grateful for what i have.
lots of people would perceive me to be not just LUCKY but VERY LUCKY.
BUT, what EXACTLY is it that i DO have?
define it for me please - and leave out the cheesy crap. cos cheesy crap belongs in macdonalds burgers.
i need to write something ficticious again, before i drown myself in my hairdye-coloured bath water.


he inspires me.
in a shocking, tantalising... way.
he makes me snigger... and see things from another angle with his precise phrasing.
ahh... excellent. like a good strong cup of earl grey with lemon - crisp and warm.
he was always one of those who you always knew existed, but never really took a close look at.
what happened was something like.... getting a mosquito bite at the back of your ear.
suddenly that little area which you never inspected before is the point of much interest and scrutiny - and action.
so it happened like that one day.
reality happily slapped me in the face - and i was unexpectedly and suddenly craving more...

*side note, i think none of you would believe who this is about. LOL! suffice it to say, its not someone in asia... or perhaps... not even on this planet.
damn the perfect ficticious character.

**degenerates into random mumblings as i gradually tire of being angry...
i've gotta say that i've got almost superhuman self control.
they should make a cartoon hero out of me.
it's be nice to watch a furry fish on TV.

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Anonymous said...

calm down ffishy!

btw you should !!!