Saturday, June 20, 2009

[ 19062009 5.40am | departure- ]

Vancouver - 2.40pm 19june 09
i'm currently at vancouver airport AND GUESS WHAT i have 25% battery left cos i forgot to charge it at the lodge before coming out.
and i left my furryfish* jacket at the hotel.
( but my parents are still here, so they'll take it back for me. =D parents FTW )
SO... its back to mundane everyday life, training with the girls =) , some compies... and lots of photo uploading to do.
btw, even if i DID superimpose my face on those pics, WHAT IS IT TO YOU. or since u refer to yourself in the PLURAL, WHAT IS IT TO YOU ALL?
if u gave me a good reason, other than me LOOKING LIKE AN ASIAN = i cannot be ANYWHERE OTHER THAN ASIA, MAYBE i'll lay off the sarcasm.
maybe u need lessons in LOGIC 1101E also.
i'm so missing the internet - parents refused to share my attention with a computer TT"-... and my mousie. i havent held a mouse in weeks. i think i've forgotten how it feels like already. and i think my wow pet has starved and run away from me.
at least i know dawn and huahua and sher still think of me cos they've been disturbing me now and then.
weee weeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the gate has just opened... so i guess i'll have to sign off hereeeeeee
*hyperfish (without caffeine wow!)

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