Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[ 30062009 11.11pm | ATTACK!!!! ]

i had dinner.
and with my dinner, i had a plate of pickled green chillies.
you know, those normal kind of chillies that are available at all food shops in sg.
halfway through the plate of chillies, my friend picked out a 2 cm long cockroach.
after screaming and kicking up a fuss, we were given a new plate of chillies.
which we proceeded to devour.
UNTIL my friend picked out a mini half a cm long cockroach.
its worse that its uncooked.
sometimes a decision just has to be made.
other times, you can take some time to see how things develop before you give yourself the death sentence.
and sometimes, you already know how things are gonna play out, and how exactly you should mitigate the consequences.
i know how things will turn out, and i do not require a re-run.
i am a dead fish.
and i'm on caffeine.
drat the person who dried the first tea leaf.
he/she must have been a MEGA ASS.

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