Tuesday, June 16, 2009

[ 16062009 12.48 | hungryfishday* ]

15th June 09 10.48pm banff, alberta, canada

i currently can't do much other than wait for youtubes to load, and other light stuff cos my net is lagging the crap out of everything. i think its the rain over here.


watching tv here is interesting. cake boss is super. HAHAHHA... i was laffing my ass off watching it. BRIDEZILLA.
had a cold day, trekked up johnston creek to the summit. cold air + waterfall spray = wet cold VERYHUNGRY fish.
so hungry that i didnt notice that i ate up my dinner.
maybe cos i was watching tv and on my laptop while i was eating.
this is a random patchwork of one liners. somewhat like twitter.
SO lets get on to the most important part of my blog today:
i'd REALLY LOVE to go to this... ITS SO COOL. in fact, i was INTENDING TO GO. BUT i'm overseas.
its a concert - a FULL orchestra, and it will play computer game music!!! RAWR. PACMAN WORLD OF WARCRAFT.
*emo that i have to miss this - see below


Video Games Live


Don't miss Video Games Live - the biggest and most popular video game concert in the world FOR THE FIRST TIME in Singapore!

Video Games Live brings you on a journey through 30 years of gaming culture - using exclusive video footage and music arrangements from a full orchestra, synchronized lighting, live action performances and unique interactive segments.

A must-see for gamers familiar with the World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy, and great family entertainment for those looking to relive the nostalgia of Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, Video Games Live has left hundreds of thousands across the globe with an unforgettable experience.

19 June 2009, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium - For one night only!

Ticket prices: S$55*, S$70*, S$85*, S$115*


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