Tuesday, June 30, 2009

[ 30062009 10.32am | dazed* ]

once again, i am a fish in a daze.
you'd think i should have gotten used to this by now - its been plaguing me for far too long - and well, yes, to a certain extent you DO get used to it and start to accept it as part of you.
the (cliche but true) roller-coaster of emotions and colour, the nothingness and utter emptiness, the pure longing.
the shadows in your memories.
waking up sobbing.

"Still what could've been is better than
What could never be at all"
read archives and came across this song by tiffany in an entry.
one of those forgotten songs.

oh... i think i needa add that... i'm not EMO!!!
my base mood has actually been decently GOOD.

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