Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[ 18082009 2.50am | hmm* ]

sometimes... i wonder.
what do you want, and what do i want.
do you even know what you want.
is what we want worth it.
going round in circles is not a journey.
its a hurricane. very unpleasant... very unstable.

*insert silly fishgrin
but somehow i keep starving these few days. -.-
i think cos i've finally gotten enough rest, so my body has energy to digest things.
perfect. my life is almost perfect. almost, cos i always believe things can get better than they are. and of course, things can always get worse than they are.
this period of peace is close to uncharted. no fires to fight, no bitchiness to contend with, no politics... no arguments... no petty whatevers.
at least, none that involve me.
or to be a little more pessimistic, none that i know of.
last... a... long... time... please?


insert another sillyfishgrin here.
gnite world~
if only i could dish out some positive emotions to you all too!
i've got lots to share.

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