Monday, August 24, 2009

[ 24082009 1.57am | eeeeweeeeweeeeee ]

been pking alot with a new group of people. LOL its actually quite fun + skype.
and i actually feel a bit more useful, in that i used to not need to even concentrate at all in game, and we'd still win effortlessly, but now what i do actually matters, because the average standard is abit lower. lol...
not that i'm insulting ANY of you. its fun.
esp the kok talking on sky.

happyfishmood persists through the weekend, strangely.
good aura's ftw.
but i'm starving now. gg

something that came to my mind a while back, but i didnt post.
i'm totally oblivious, its like the gold 90 FM advert where you only hear the good stuff.
everything else patters off me like water bouncing off a duck's feathered back.
maybe without the sound effects.
if you have no idea how water bounces off a duck's back... go find a duck to spray.
alternatively you can turn a hose on an umbrella.
(i was grinning when i was thinking of this line... i like it even the more when its in black and white!)


shacked happy fish.
needs food.
happy birthdae yuannnn!

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