Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"We both just wanted to have a good life and healthy kids. Do I wish we had long, soulful talks? Sure. If I had known then that I needed that, I may have chosen a different kind of person, but I also knew he was a very good man."

My parents didn't demand from each other what we seem to demand today from our relationships. My dad loved sports but didn't insist she be on the golf course handing him his driver. Instead, he taught my sister and brother to play. My mom didn't complain about his lack of conversation; she found other outlets. She had us kids, her friends, and her extended family.

My parents knew it was all right if not every single one of their needs were being met by the other, because commitment to the life they shared and created was a bigger reward than anything else. So what if my dad wasn't clued in on the latest gossip? Or that my mom was perfectly okay never learning to ride a bike or swim?"


an article off msn today.
i can't remember the website i copied this and pasted it here before running off from work.
i find this admirable. in a way. the "stick with it no matter what"
this is the "correct" view of marriage then ? not having to share anything but a common goal? because your other half... actually.. ISNT your other half to complement you.. just someone who can WORK and FUNCTION with you.
mildly depressing, if you ask me.

[edits http://lifestyle.msn.com/relationships/articleoprah.aspx?cp-documentid=21166484&page=2 heres the link ]

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