Wednesday, August 19, 2009


an exerpt from Crazy Sunday - fitzgerald.

"But you're not going," Stella begged him. "You're going to stay, aren't you?"

"No," he answered. "But I'll be back, if you need me."

Standing on the steps of the house which now hummed and palpitated with the life that flutters around death like protective leaves, he began to sob a little in his throat.

"Everything he touched he did something magical to," he thought. "He even brought that little gamin alive and made her a sort of masterpiece."

And then:

"What a hell of a hole he leaves in this damn wilderness--already!"

And then with a certain bitterness, "Oh, yes, I'll be back--I'll be back!"

the idea of loving an imperfect thing, perfectly, until it becomes perfect.
in the entire book of short stories (the one with benjamin button) this is the line which stuck.
the 3rd last sentence of the last short story in the entire book. and i read it months ago.

"if i shower this frog with enough attention and care, maybe it'll turn into a prince"

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