Saturday, August 08, 2009

[ 4.40am 08082009 | you still have... all of me. ]

i'm actually surprised at the amount of sleep that i can deal with. or rather... the amount of sleep that i can DO WITHOUT.
i'm not exactly feeling very inspired... which is the WORST time for me to write.
currently listening to : my immortal - evanescence

i've been struck with a sudden urge to look at an expanse of large blue ocean... to feel the rocking of a boat as the waves strike it.
the heat of the sun... cooking my hair...
once again, i miss the sensation of rough ropes pulling against my grip..
getting cleated in the most painful places ever...
getting whacked so hard by the boom that you can fly off into the water...
memories and sensations so acute they'll stay with me for a lifetime.


i think that most problems are self-created...


and there are alot of bad habits i need to get rid of...
sleeping with wet hair...
being overtense
and...thinking too much.
(' ',)

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