Monday, September 14, 2009

[ 14092009 1.34am | obligation ]

GRATS DsD!! i'm surprised... but pleasantly so.
jonjon hao shuai !


if i sit at home any longer... i think i'm gonna grow roots and sprout leaves. this week promises to be much the same as the last 2 weeks...
but even going to church for a couple of hours leaves me breathless...
i'm down to 40kg, and i think my heart is having a hard time. my blood pressure is a steady 80/50.
like that how. i need to xiu yang faster.
*blacks out

maybe i should just request for a blood transfusion to add a couple of pints to my system and get it over with.


i havent been writing much. maybe its cos... i simply have nothing left to say. maybe i've said all i needed to. maybe this isnt the right place to say what i want to say.
or maybe i simply have no NEED to share.
i sound like some confused kid. maybe i AM a confused kid.
creating barriers
losing some options
when i do make a decision, its cos i know that i will stick with it. whether its wrong or right. (and though i can't be with you tonight, you know my heart is by your side... okok i digress into very out of point lyrics that just found their way from my memory to my fingers)
the main thing about decisions are not whether they are wise or not. but whether you're willing to stick to them, come what may.

cling to the knowledge that-
the alternative is something you know you cannot live with.
then set your eyes on your chosen path and walk forward alone.
o w n e d .

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