Thursday, September 03, 2009

appendicitis is fun. once the pain goes away. morphine ftw?
been sleeping all day and night post op (op ended at 8pm tuesday) and i can't seem to shut my eyes now.
havent eaten anything at all since 12pm on monday, and i threw it all up anyway.
so... i have a new scar-to-be next to my pelvic bone, an aching hand where the iv drip needle was, and a very painful throat. i dunno how my throat got so painful... dunno what they did to me during GA. the inside of my throat near the little dangly thing is all purple and i have something that looks like a love bite in the middle of my neck. some large woman was pressing me very strongly there to prevent me from throwing up (even tho i WASNT throwing up).
w/e. i've got MC til the 18th sept.
and i'm off painkillers now... cos i don't wanna kill my liver and kidneys. so it kinda aches... -.-
its interesting to see the same things happening over and over again... in some.. endless cycle. you, then you... then... you.
me first tho.
always me first.
then things get better for you.
i had my fun.
and learnt my lessons.
me is... HAPPY FISH!
i've had too many people telling me i'm (insert translation / synonyns for the word "Crazy") over the last couple of days. [including my MOTHER]
*hops around insanely while clutching her belly with a grimace
and the reason is YOU!!!

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