Thursday, September 17, 2009

[ 17092009 8.15pm | hungry ]

LF supper buddy who stays in the EAST. VERY VERY EAST.
i feel like... running out more at night in the evenings... anyone wanna pei me!
i think its cos i've been cooped up in my house for so long. i feel like i'm doing a 1 month confinement. WTF?


i am terribly tired. i think i suddenly understand... that you actually DO have guts. and perhaps, i'll respect you a little more cos of that.
+1 to you then.


i've realised that enthusiam should not be murdered, because its really hard to ressurect.
and it'll never be in the same form again.
it'll always be a little more tainted.


*plucks absentmindedly at the scabs on her surgery wound...

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