Friday, September 25, 2009

[ 25092009 1.26am | whatever. ]

there's a word that i've been hearing alot lately... its like i have some kind of FATE with it.
the word is... "link". and it has nothing to do with dsd linksysx- aka jon.
a connection... a bond... a tie.
i can't say it is a word i like. in fact, i think its a word i'm starting to dislike.
it carries with it a notion of inevitability, helplessness... something you can't fight.
like a parasitic strangler fig, entwined dearly around its host, an embrace of death.
a knotted string, the loose ends straining... but the knot gets tighter.
; so then... what is worse?
*laughs sardonically.

i reach out and grasp... but all i feel is air.
divided we stand, united we fall.

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