Friday, December 04, 2009

[ 04122009 1.30pm | kuroky. ]

why i support kuroky.
1) he is humble
not only are his blog and replies well reasoned, he's also ready to admit that there are better players than him, unlike some other well known players.
he's patient with the trolls, and doesnt lapse into bm-ing mode with them.
other than that, quite a few people hold the opinion that he's the only one on the team who improved with every game, who learnt from his mistakes and made changes to his playing as the game went on.

2) there are many reasons why a player chooses to leave the team, why a player chooses to stay in a team. most are selfish reasons. but then again, who isnt selfish? and who are we to judge when we don't know the internal struggles/situation of MYM / Kuroky? its not wrong to take a chance to follow the path which might lead you to your dream. there are lots of things that i would do to get what i want, and i'm sure you would compromise yourself in many ways to get what YOU want too.
and hey, i'm sure its not a new concept that teams borrow players to play as last for a competition. i have no idea which hole you're hiding in if you haven't realised this. maybe MYM was the one using kuroky cos mym thinks they have a better chance with him in the line up? 

3) i want him to pwn EU dota. So i'll support him til he does! if that day never comes, then i guess i'll just support him for life! unless he becomes some stuck up fker or the like.

4) he put our team name next to his (ex)team name
free publicity or? =)

oh... you don't know what i'm talking about? read his blog then :
or the mym post

and oh yeah... your dp really suits you. bimbotic bitch inside and out, aren't you? lets see if you live up to your talk.


holyfats said...

such a lovely guy kuroky, i envy him. self-aware of the implications of being a gamer yet still pretty secure and happy with his life. and being around the same age as him, i know that's hard.

not many dota players, maybe especially not in singapore can say as much. im so full of self doubt as many people try to teach me how my life is "meant to be lived".


i feel like the random person who you replied too. insecure enough to start being snide about people on the internet. i would type out a few reasons on why TAMMY TANG YOU ARE AWESOME, THEREFORE IGNORE THAT INSECURE NOOB, but i'm really just an 18 year old boy who enjoys the sight of you looking pretty. why would anyone respect any of my words?

probably i'm quite selfish to post this here, i don't even understand the purpose other than not wanting to waste about 10 minutes of my thoughts.

but as a fanboy of kuroky, i'm glad to see him so motivated. GOGO FUCK MISERY SOLO MID YA.

and as a fanboy of furryfish, please continue wearing stockings short enough to show that flash of thigh between skirt and stocking. that is a sight unbelievably sexy. actually anything you do is wonderful to see.

i guess this comment can be thanks to both you and kuroky for giving me moments of pleasure. <3 u both

i wish for world peace, for mass kills to be best strategy in dota, and for you to be happy most of the time even if you're never satisfied with yourself. please don't find this personal interest in your life as creepy. take it that your happiness level affects mine as a keyboard fanboy and fellow gamer.

oh whatever whatever, just accept that you're awesome tammy tang.
to be recognised for something you have fun doing, and then be envied for it. perhaps you prefer it coming from mm lee or something, but to be you would be awesome.

not so eager about bleeding once a month though. yeah males!

sexyfats said...

well that was long. and it had bloody no actual point.

thankfully, i'm safe behind the internet and free to declare FURRYFISH IS AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME